I’m Ghulam Hassan. When I was four, I lost my mom. At eleven, my dad died of cancer. I was taken care of by my elder brother till I was 22. At 23 I got married to my cousin sister. Four years after my son Ahmad was born, his mom met an accident and passed away. Me and my son, both lost our Mothers at the age of four. Now it was only me and my son. I was a cobbler then. And later shifted to selling vegetables. I wanted to open a ‘Hair Cutting Salon’ so that my son could learn hair-cutting and earn his future. But he wanted to study. Last year he passed his 12th class. And this year he cracked JK-CET, now he is pursuing MBBS in Government Medical College. I still sell vegetables, in Shikara now. My son doesn’t feel embarrassed because of his Dad’s profession.”

He adds “please share my story to as many people as possible. I want my story to be an inspiration for many”