Srinagar, Dec 19 : The majority of people in South Kashmir continue to stay away from the ballot box in the eighth and last phase of the District Development Council (DDC) polls.

Talking with the news agency locals said that in return of casting vote, they have only received body bags of youth over the years.

“We voted in 2014, but in return, we received dead bodies of our youth. Hundreds are languishing in jails on charges of OGW, while many have lost their eyesight,” they said.

Hilal Ahmad, a resident of Zainapora area said that they have been always fooled on the development.

“First we were asked to elect Panch/Sarpanch for development. Then we were told the same in BDC polls, then the same development plank was used during assembly and parliamentary elections,” Hilal said. “But after every election, this development remains confined to politicians and their relatives.”

A resident of Kakapora, Manzoor Ahmad said that dozens of youth have been detained under fake charges, while jobs and land rights are being forcibly snatched from Kashmiris.

“These regional parties have given us nothing in the last 70 years. And BJP last year snatched our every right forcibly, so how can we trust anyone. When  BDCs couldn’t do anything for us what will these DDCs do, so better is stay away from polls,” Manzoor said.

Many other residents of southern Kashmir echoed same voice.

“Whosoever comes in power, they only look after their own welfare. The slogans of development remain only till elections are over,” they said—