Pahalgam, July 31: A casual labour in Pahalgam tried to end his life by attempting suicide on Thursday, who was fortunately saved by the CEO PDA.

He has been identified as Javed Ahmad Sheikh hailing from Frislan locality of Pahalgam who is working in the Pahalgam Development Authority as a casual labourer.

As per initial reports, Javed tried to burn himself by sprinkling highly inflammable substance over his body in the office of AO Pahalgam Development Authority, Mushtaq Ahmad Mugloo.

“The arrogant anti-poor attitude of AO forced the poor casual labourer to take such an extreme step.

The poor casual labourers and contractors are suffering due to the delays in their salaries and payments for no logical reason.

The said officer indulges in abusive and provocative language with anyone visiting him in the office,” accused a labourer wishing anonymity.

The casual labourers say that their families are suffering due to the want of money as their dues aren’t being paid on time for long.

“We have huge families to feed and we have been working without a salary since March while the dilly-dallying behavior of AO Mushtaq Mugloo prompted one of our colleagues to attempt suicide.

The prompt action of CEO PDA saved his life otherwise this could have been the first casualty of indifferent behavior of the said AO,” added a casual labourer.

The contractual employees and contractors have frequently approached the AO for release of their dues but the pleas are falling on his deaf ears, say the employees.

Javed was instantly arrested by police and is lodged in Pahalgam police station now.