America is severely affected by the Corona virus. In such a situation, to distract the attention of the people of our country, America wants to confront China.

The US has moved its fleet towards the Indian Ocean. US satellites are hovering over the skies of China. President Trump is inciting countries around the world against China.

America wants Australia, Germany, France, Britain to attack China together. On the other hand, India has formed countries such as Israel, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan by joining together. America is provoking India to fight with China.

India and China are and will remain neighbors. India has to think in its own way how to relate to a neighbor. What should have happened in Galvan valley should not have happened, but both countries have taken the brunt of it. If India lost 20 soldiers, China also lost many soldiers. We do not want to get into the figures. But India will have to maintain good relations with its neighbors. America will never want India’s